Three new publications from NanoCarb ESRs

NanoCarb early-stage researchers (ESRs) continue to disseminate their work through publications in peer-reviewed chemistry journals.

In the journal Polymer Chemistry, Nicola Judge (ESR 2) from the Heise group at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland studied the influence of the block copolypeptide surfactant structure on the size of polypeptide nanoparticles obtained by mini emulsion polymerisation. Insights from this paper can inform the future design of polypeptide nanoparticle libraries utilizing many different amino acids, e.g., in nanomedicine.

Javier Melo Diaz (ESR 6) from the company Ludger Ltd. published his work on the extraction and purification of a High Mannose type oligosaccharide from Phaseolus lunatus beans by oxidative release with sodium hypochlorite (see graphical abstract above) in the journal Carbohydrate Research.

Javier also published another paper in the journal Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry. In this paper about the purification of Egg yolk Sialylglycopeptide, the authors aim to provide a structural characterization of the N-glycans derived from these minor glycopeptides.

More NanoCarb-related publications are foreseen within the next months. You can find the list of work published so far on the Dissemination page.