NanoCarb collaborative work published on Polymer Chemistry

Former NanoCarb ESRs Daniela Tomasino (RCSI), Ashfaq Ahmad (WAR), and Ruth M. Ferrando (UNIMI) jointly published on Polymer Chemistry a paper titled “Surface mannosylation of dispersion polymerisation derived nanoparticles by copper-mediated click chemistry“. The publication is available Open Access through this link:

Ashfaq completed his PhD!

On September 15, Ashfaq, NanoCarb ESR at the Gibson Lab at the University of Warwick, successfully passed his PhD viva and thus completed his PhD! Another great news is that he recently started a new position as a Scientist at the UK-based Ludger Ltd., which happens to be one of the beneficiaries of the NanoCarb … Read more

Post-NanoCarb life – Interview with Jennifer

For our second post on NanoCarb alumni, we have the privilege to interview Dr Jennifer Fernández Alarcón, who spent her NanoCarb journey at the Mario Negri Institute in Milan and recently completed her PhD at the University of Milan-Bicocca. She is now back in Barcelona as a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Chemical Institute of Sarrià … Read more

Post-NanoCarb life – Interview with Panos

While the NanoCarb project is coming to an end, some of our ESRs completed their PhD and are now moving on with their research career. In the coming weeks, you will read here a series of interviews with our NanoCarb alumni. The first interview is with Dr Panagiotis Georgiou, who completed his PhD last year … Read more

Eva, Alessia and Marko completed their PhD!

Three NanoCarb ESRs, Alessia (VITO), Eva and Marko (RCSI) successfully defended their thesis these last months. Moreover, Panagiotis (University of Warwick) received the 2023 Best PhD thesis award in the University of Warwick Department of Chemistry! You can find their publications on the Dissemination page. On behalf of the entire NanoCarb consortium, we congratulate our … Read more

New Discovery from the Gibson’s group on Anionic Polymers to prevent phage infection in bacterial cultures

The NanoCarb ESR Ashfaq Ahmad (University of Warwick, Gibson group) has co-authored a new paper in the Journal of the American Chemical Society (JACS).  Biological and biomedical research involving growing bacteria can often become contaminated with bacteriophages, which causes significant down-time in research and industrial processes. This new research has found that a polymer can prevent these phage infections.  … Read more

NanoCarb at the Nanomed Europe conference

On 19-22 June 2023, NanoCarb was represented at the Nanomed Europe conference which took place in Liverpool, UK. The NanoCarb coordinator Marco Monopoli (RCSI) gave an overview of the scientific achievements of the NanoCarb project. Our ESR Alessia Pancaro (VITO) presented her work on lectin detection assays in a poster. The Nanomed Europe conference was … Read more

New collaborative work addressing GNPs’ toxicity after long-term exposure to the material

NanoCarb ESRs Jennifer (Mario Negri Institute), Tanja (CIC biomaGUNE), Eva and Marko (RCSI) co-authored a new paper on Nanoscale titled “Long-term retention of gold nanoparticles in the liver is not affected by their physicochemical characteristics“, available open access. Gold nanoparticles (GNPs) show promise for healthcare applications, but their long-term toxicity remains uncertain. This collaborative effort … Read more

New publication from the Heise and Gibson groups on the potential of polyproline

The NanoCarb ESRs Nicola Judge (RCSI, Heise group), Panagiotis Georgiou and Ashfaq Ahmad (University of Warwick, Gibson group) co-authored a new paper in Biomolecules showing that polyproline is a potent ice growth inhibitor at higher molecular weights and that it can bind and shape ice crystals. The paper can be found in Open Access on … Read more

Daniela and Patricia defended their PhD theses!

We are pleased to announce that Daniela Tomasino (RCSI) and Patricia Perez Schmidt (CNR-SCITEC) successfully passed their viva this month. On behalf of the entire NanoCarb consortium, we would like to congratulate our two ESRs on their great success and wish them only the best for the future!