NanoCarb represented at the NIA’s 8th Annual Symposium

The NIA’s 8th Annual Symposium on March 27, which has been held in Brussels, brought together 50 delegates from a diverse community of nanomaterials industry, research, regulators and expert services.  NanoCarb, represented by VITO, had a booth in the “Project Corner”, which welcomed about 20 nano projects funded under H2020. This has been a great … Read more

Upcoming events in nanotechnologies and carbohydrates

On the 27th March 2019 in Brussels, the Nanotechnology Industries Association (NIA) organises its 8th Annual Symposium where industrial producers of nanomaterials, expert service providers, end-users, policy makers and regulators will come together and discuss among others how the nanoscale is changing products, processes, and business across sectors. Member of the NIA, NanoCarb partner VITO … Read more

NanoCarb – training the next leaders in nanomedicine

NanoCarb will bring together the multidisciplinary expertise of eight Beneficiaries and nine Partner Organisations, includinguniversities, Research Centres, SMEs and one Large Enterprise in the fields of synthetic chemistry, polymer chemistry, biochemistry.