Upcoming events in nanotechnologies and carbohydrates

On the 27th March 2019 in Brussels, the Nanotechnology Industries Association (NIA) organises its 8th Annual Symposium where industrial producers of nanomaterials, expert service providers, end-users, policy makers and regulators will come together and discuss among others how the nanoscale is changing products, processes, and business across sectors.

Member of the NIA, NanoCarb partner VITO will attend the consortium and promote NanoCarb. Non-member organisations can also join the meeting with a €200 registration fee.  If interested, you can register here.

On the other side of the sea, the Royal Society of Chemistry will host the Carbohydrate Meeting 2019, at the University of Reading on the 4th-5th April 2019. NanoCarb supervisor and chair of the RSC Carbohydrate Group Prof. Matthew Gibson of the University of Warwick is co-organising the event.

The Carbohydrate Meeting notably includes an Early Career Researcher session and plenty of oral and poster presentation slots.