NanoCarb represented at the NIA’s 8th Annual Symposium

The NIA’s 8th Annual Symposium on March 27, which has been held in Brussels, brought together 50 delegates from a diverse community of nanomaterials industry, research, regulators and expert services.  NanoCarb, represented by VITO, had a booth in the “Project Corner”, which welcomed about 20 nano projects funded under H2020. This has been a great opportunity to catch up with safety and innovation research and to discuss each project during break times.

The NIA Symposium addressed the following topics:

  • Nanotechnology in Industry 4.0. How the nanoscale is changing products, processes and business across sectors
  • Adding nano-value to products – making it happen. We explore how nanomaterials add value into a product and how NM producers can understand and support customers for successful uptake
  • Global regulatory and standards update. Latest news and looking into future trends and priorities across sectors and countries
  • Regulatory priorities. Discussion-driven session around topics core to regulatory compliance, with a focus on nanoforms in REACH as a core topic
  • What goes around – managing nano waste.  Understanding where nano waste is generated through production and use and how it can be managed, including regulatory issues.