Panagiotis awarded at the Macro group UK’s Young Researchers Meeting

Panagiotis G. Georgiou (ESR 3) has been awarded a prize at the Macro group UK’s Young Researchers Meeting for his poster presentation titled “New Nanomaterial Design Principles for Biomimics“.

Panagiotis is an Early Stage Researcher from the Gibson Group at the University of Warwick. His research work at NanoCarb focuses on the development of Glyco-Nanoparticle Libraries based on Gold/Polymer Hybrid.

The Pure and Applied Macromolecular Chemistry Group (Macro group UK) is a joint interest group of the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Society of Chemical Industry. It represents the interests of UK polymer scientists at UK and international levels. The Young Researcher Meetings are annual conferences, attended by PhDs, and/or early career lecturers in the areas of polymer and macromolecular science. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the conference was held online on June 29 and 30 2020.