NanoCarb wiki online!

The aim of the Wiki area is for the ESRs to offer all audiences, and in particular non-experts, a platform to learn about the project and related topics on the whole. We have created comment sections within the Wiki which allows anyone to ask questions or add comments which can be discussed and added (if relevant) to the Wiki. The Wiki should be an interactive platform to help people understand what NanoCarb is about.

The area has been divided into two sections:

  • Glossary: The Glossary explains the most important and most salient concepts that are being used in the project in an intuitive and easy to understand manner.
  • FAQs: The FAQ section provides answers to the most common questions, members of the NanoCarb network have been confronted with during the course of the project. Those questions can either relate to the overall NanoCarb project or target some specific aspects of an ESR research project.