EventNanoCarb involvement
NanoCarb final Symposium, 18-19 May 2022, Milan, ITThe event, co-organised by ESRs based in Milan and VITO, included keynote speeches from clinicians and researchers, and presentations from all ESRs.
ACS Spring 2022, 20-24 March 2022, San Diego, US and onlinePanagiotis Georgiou (ESR 3) presented his paper on soft nanoparticles using PISA.
3rd NanoCarb Spring Workshop, 7-11 March 2022, Edinburgh, UKThe ESRs received training on quality management from Horizon Unleashed Ltd. and Ludger Ltd.
Royal Society of Chemistry Poster Twitter conference, 1 March 2022, onlineDaniela Tomasino (ESR 1) and Nicola Judge (ESR 2) presented their work on Glycosylated Nanoparticles via SET-LR-PISA and tuneable glycopeptides nanoparticles.
3rd NanoCarb Autumn Workshop, 29 November – 2 December 2021, onlineThe ESRs received training on in-vitro diagnostics, grant writing and funding opportunities. They also updated the consortium on their research.
C’Nano conference, 23-25 November 2021, Toulouse, FRAlessia Pancaro (ESR 11) presented her work on gold nanorods biosensors.
Nanomed Europe ’21, 7-9 September 2021, onlineAlessia Pancaro (ESR 11) presented her work on gold nanorods biosensors and won the best poster award together with two other researchers.
72nd Irish Chemistry Research Colloquium, 17-18 June 2021, University of Limerick, IEDaniela Tomasino (ESR 1) and Eva Clemente (ESR 7) presented their work on Glycosylated Nanoparticles via SET-LR-PISA and on the glycans accessibility of the biomolecular corona.
2nd NanoCarb Spring Workshop, 19-23 April 2021, onlineThe ESRs received training on glycan analysis (Ludger Ltd.) and research project management (accelopment Switzerland Ltd.). They have also attended a career workshop organised by Horizons Unleashed Ltd.
ACS Spring 2021, 5-16 April 2021, onlineDaniela Tomasino (ESR 1), Ruth Mateu Ferrando (ESR 4) and Patricia Perez Schmidt (ESR 5) had the opportunity to present their work.
Annual Meeting of the Milan Centre for Neurosciences (NeuroMI 2020), 18 December 2020, onlineGizem Erol (ESR 13) to present a poster on her research project.
2nd NanoCarb Autumn Workshop, 2-6 November 2020, onlineThe ESRs received training on imaging, organised by CIC. They also updated the consortium on their research.
NANOSTEM-NanoCarb Joint Meeting, 3-4 September 2020, onlineAll ESRs have been trained on publishing and PhD thesis writing together with the NANOSTEM ESRs.
3rD Glycobasque Meeting, 12-13 March 2020, CICBiogune, Bilbao, ESAvelino Ferreira (ESR 12) and Patricia Perez Schmidt (ESR 5) have presented their work on the synthesis and characterization of Ultra-Small Gold Nanoparticles: Midatech Pharma MidacoreTM platform.
DIATECH 2020European Conference on Novel Technologies for In Vitro Diagnostics, 27-29 January 2020, Leuven, BEAlessia Pancaro (ESR 11, VITO) has presented a poster on the development of gold nanorods conjugated with synthetic glycopolymers as a diagnostic biosensing platform for lectin detection .
NANO-DAY IV, 11-14 December 2020, Milan, ITRuth Mateu Ferrando (ESR 4, UNIMI) has presented and was awarded for a poster titled “Synthesis of sugar-based ligands to evaluate the protein-corona formation on gold nanoparticles surface”.
BIOMAPP19 – The 3rd Biennial Young Researchers Workshop on Biomaterials and Applications, 4 December 2019, Bilbao, ES Riccardo Rovina (ESR 14, CIC) has presented a poster on the preparation of gold glyconanoparticles (AuGNPs) as theragnostic agents for brain ischemia.
1st NanoCarb Autumn Workshop, 25-29 November 2019, RCSI, Dublin, IEAll ESRs received training on nanoparticle characterisation, surface functionalisation and other themes related to nanomaterials. They also had the opportunity to present their research to members of the NanoCarb Scientific Advisory Board.
European Researchers’ Night, 27 September 2019, Milan, IT & Granada, ES The European Researchers’ Night is a Horizon 2020-funded initiative that takes place every year at the same time in many European cities. Its goal is to raise awareness of science careers and to enhance the public recognition of researchers in general.
Gizem Erol (ESR 13, IRFMN), Jennifer Fernandez Alarcon (ESR 15, IRFMN), Patricia Perez Schmidt (ESR 5, MPE) and Avelino Ferreira (ESR 12, MPE) have actively participated in the European Researchers’ Night in Milan, IT and Granada, ES.
GLYCOVAX-NanoCarb joint meeting, 15 – 16 May 2019, CNR Research Area, Milan, ITFrom the 15th to the 16th May 2019 at the CNR Research Area in Milan, the European Training Networks (ETNs) GLYCOVAX and NanoCarb have organised a series of common lectures and training for their Early-Stage Researchers (ESRs).
NanoCarb ESRs have attended lectures on vaccine formulation and nanotechnologies from high-profile academic lecturers and leading pharmaceutical companies.
RSC Carbohydrate Meeting 2019, 4 – 5 April 2019, Reading, UK NanoCarb supervisor Prof Matthew Gibson, of the University of Warwick and chair of the RSC Carbohydrate Group, were the co-organiser of this event.
NIA’s 8th Annual Symposium, 27 March 2019, Brussels, BEAs a member of the NIA, our NanoCarb partner VITO has joined the Symposium and presented the NanoCarb project.